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  1. How to read a payment document
  2. How to distinguish a fake
  3. How to get epr
  4. The advantages of obtaining a receipt of housing and communal services in electronic form:
  5. Receiving housing bills through the site
  6. Receipt of receipts by email through the CSC
  7. How to print a utility bill
  8. Download the receipt of housing and communal services

Payment methods for a single payment document

Every month, to pay for housing and communal services, Muscovites inevitably stand in long lines of bank branches, not only losing valuable time, but also paying commissions, sometimes up to 1/10 of the total amount of payments. According to statistics, a similar method of payment utilities guided by over 80% of Muscovites. While today there are alternative and more comfortable ways to pay for utility services, saving both time and own money.

Payments through ATMs

This method is suitable for those who have funds in a bank account or credit card. The service of payment of utility services through an ATM is provided by many banks. Most of them have no commission, and the procedure takes only 2-3 minutes. The technology of payment of "communal" is extremely simple: in the main menu of the ATM you need to select the option "Payment of utility services" and enter the number of your personal account. After the operation, the ATM prints a check confirming its execution.

Payment through payment terminals

Muscovites who do not have a bank card can pay utility bills through payment terminals. In fact, these are the same ATMs (menu - account number - payment - check), only accepting cash. You can find a similar terminal in supermarkets, shopping centers, shops, subways and other public places.

Internet bank

Today this service offer many large banks. The bank will issue a password in the bank, and for security reasons it is constantly updated, each time it is sent via SMS. All charges are made to a credit card. Selecting the option “Pay ENP”, you must enter the personal account number. In order not to re-enter the personal account number each time, there is a service for its automatic memorization. A nice bonus is the ability to pay utility bills directly from home and at any time of the day, as well as payment for gas and electricity.

Service " Personal Area »On the website u

The service has long been deservedly popular with Muscovites because of the opportunity to transmit the testimony of the ITS and print a single payment document without leaving the walls of your home or office. To use this option, it is enough to come once with a passport to the state code of the district IC, get a login and password to the service, and the entire history of utility charges is always at hand.

However, the management of the state institution “Center for Coordination of the IS IP” decided to make life easier for citizens and supplement the site with a service with which you can pay for utility services. To do this, go to the page: / pa y, dial the personal account number, choose a convenient payment method and perform the operation. When paying for services, a commission is charged - from 1.2%.

In addition, payers have the opportunity to subscribe to this service: by registering in this section on the site, users can receive an SMS every month to a mobile phone or a “reminder” by email about the need to pay utility bills, indicating the amount charged and asking for payment confirmation as part of a subscription.

In the near future, it will be possible to pay utility bills without interest in clinics, schools, kindergartens and other social facilities. The Moscow Mayor S.S. Sobyanin at a meeting on improving the procedure for payment of utility bills in Moscow. The Moscow government also intends to sign an agreement with banks, according to which a single commission rate will be set when accepting utility bills.

As an alternative, the Mayor of Moscow proposed to consider the possibility of introducing non-cash payments for utility services with the help of centralized accounting departments of organizations and institutions. In this case, citizens need to simply write a statement at the place of work, and the payment for utilities services will automatically be deducted from their salary.

ENP is one payment document . It is received by residents whose houses are counted by the My Documents center of public services.

How to read a payment document

From January 2015, Muscovites receive a single payment document of A4 + size (228 by 450 millimeters). The document is sent without an envelope, but folded and sealed at the edges, with a color block of socially significant information, uniform for the entire city.

What does this or that graph in billing mean? In the upper part of the document there is an information unit for the transfer of indications of individual water meters. It contains the payer's code, last name, first name, patronymic and address of the dwelling, as well as previous meter readings.

In the receipt itself, at the top left, the name, surname and patronymic of the owner or responsible tenant is printed, below - the address, and under it - the bar code. Opposite the surname are the month and year for which the payment was formed, next to the address is the payer's personal code (10-digit combination of digits). This code is needed when paying for utility services in terminals, ATMs or via the Internet.

Under the fields with the amount and place for the signature and the date of completion, the name, address and details of the management organization are printed. Below is a detailed account showing consumption, tariffs, amount, benefits and recalculation for each service. This is hot and cold water supply, water disposal, heating of the main area, voluntary insurance, overhaul , radio, locking device, antenna, maintenance and repair of residential premises.

Under the table with the types of services, reference information is given: the type of property (own or state (or municipal), total and living area, the number of people registered at this address (separately indicate preferential categories of the population), the date of creation of the UI and the last payment for services.

How to distinguish a fake

In the mailboxes of Muscovites fall and fake bills. They may contain genuine information, for example, the address and surname, name and patronymic of the payer. How to distinguish a fake? A fake barcode is often blurry, badly typed.

It is worth paying attention to the payee. Since June 2016, this ENP has a new financial operator account - VTB Bank, and not the Bank of Moscow. Compare the details of the recipient with the previous payment: they must match.

It happens that in the fake is specified the wrong period of payment, for example, February - June. This ENP is formed for the calendar month. In addition, a fake document may not contain information on voluntary insurance, whereas in the present there is an entire column for it.

Fake, unlike this payment, does not contain detailed data on charges and benefits for each community service. The fake ENP also contains no information about housing: the size of the apartment, the total and living space, the number of residents and beneficiaries, the form of ownership.

Lower compared to the usual cost of services, too, should be alerted. Fraudsters expect residents to see a small amount and pay without thinking. It is necessary to focus on the usual amount of payment. In addition, to calculate the cost of housing services, check the validity of prices and tariffs for these services, as well as calculate the approximate amount of payment for the month, you can use the online calculator.

If there are any doubts about the authenticity of the payment, contact the My Documents center of your district.

How to get epr

Receipts are sent by the 15th day of each month. If the document did not arrive on time, you can get it yourself - in person or online. In the first case, you must contact the center of public services in your area. ENP has the right to any family member registered in a residential area. You need to take a passport with you. Experts can create an advance document.

You can get the document in in electronic format . The first option is on the portal. To do this, go to the "Services and Services" section and select "Receive and pay a single payment document (ENP)". This link can be found in the sections "Popular" and "Housing, utility services, yard". You must specify the payer code, type of document (usual for the current month or debt) and the payment period (month / year). You will receive a generated document that can be saved, printed, or immediately paid. by credit card . He will also be sent to your personal account.

By virtue of paragraph 10 of Art. 161 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation the managing organization is obliged to provide Free access to the information: on the work performed and the services provided for the maintenance and repair common property apartment building; about the procedure and conditions for their implementation and provision; about their cost, tariffs (prices) for the resources required for the provision of utility services, in accordance with the disclosure standard approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the relationship between management company and tenants on charging for housing and utility services are subject to the provisions of the RF Consumer Protection Act. Failure to provide utility bills is a violation of Article 10 of the law. According to this article, the contractor must promptly provide the consumer with the necessary and reliable information about the cost and the supplier of utilities. According to paragraph 6. Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation of September 19, 2011 N 454, it is recommended that the payment document be provided to consumers of services in printed form, unless the tenant and the management organization have agreed on another form for the receipt of receipts.

Thus, receipts can be received: in the form of a paper document; on email ; in your account on the site utilities ().

The advantages of obtaining a receipt of housing and communal services in electronic form:

The receipt comes on the day the invoice is paid; the electronic receipt can be downloaded and printed again at any time; check receipt and pay it even when you are on a long trip or vacation; You can receive and pay bills of your loved ones.

Receiving housing bills through the site

For management companies and TSZH the easiest and profitable way sending receipts to consumers - in electronic form, as this reduces the cost of printing and physical delivery to the mailboxes. The most convenient way to do this. turnkey solutions with personal accounts, which, in addition to the delivery of receipts, are also decided by a number of additional tasks . For example, receiving payment for utilities online, processing applications for emergency dispatch service and others. You can read more about this.

Receipt of receipts by email through the CSC

If your home is serviced by a single settlement center (CSC), then you can contact its respective branch to receive receipts by email. You will need to write a statement indicating the e-mail address to which the receipts will be sent.

The application must be attached: a document confirming the ownership of the residential premises; original and copy of the applicant’s passport.

If copies of the submitted documents are not notarized, the applicant should submit their originals.

How to print a utility bill

To print a receipt from the personal account of the site utilities, you must:
1. Log in to your account (login and password must first be obtained from the Criminal Code or Homeowners Association).

2. Go to the tab “Receipt for payment of utilities”.

3. Open the receipt in a separate window and print.

To print receipts from electronic mailbox follows:
1. Log in to the email box to which you receive receipts and open the right message.
2. Open the attached file in a separate window.
3. Press the “Print” button or the “Ctrl + P” key combination.

Download the receipt of housing and communal services

In order to download the receipt from the personal account of the housing and utilities website, you need to log in, open the receipt in a separate preview window and click the “Download” button.

To download the receipt from the e-mail message, just open the letter with the attached file and click the “Download” button. As a rule, the receipts are saved in .pdf format and contain the following information: the number of the payer's personal account; billing period; Full name of the payer; address; the number of people registered; total area of ​​the dwelling; information about the company providing the services (name, contact details, bank details); name of utilities payable (cost, units of measurement, debt); volume of services for the billing period; data on the counters (current and previous readings, tariff, amount payable, debt, total); recalculation of services; information on the availability of subsidies and benefits; Deferred or deferred payment agreement. 1. Using your personal account on the housing and communal services website. The product has a convenient and simple mechanism for entering meter readings. You need to go to the tab “Data counters”. In the window that opens, the names of the metering devices are already filled in; it is enough just to enter the numbers in the required cells.
2. Through banking services and payment terminals when making payments on current housing and utilities accounts.
3. Old-fashioned version - enter the current readings in the received paper receipts and transfer the data when making a payment in a bank, by mail or in the HOA (CC).

Exist different variants filling out receipts. Consider an example:

Only current meter readings are entered in the form regardless of the month for which the receipt is paid. Indications are taken for the month in which payment is made. The meter readings for the past period do not need to be indicated (they are indicated in the “Previous” column).

Current readings in accordance with the metering device are recorded in integers, without zeros on the left.

If there are more than five significant digits (left digits, to a comma in the meter readings), then the last five digits to the comma are written. The values ​​indicated after the decimal point need not be entered.

By analogy, the meter readings for gas. In the receipt you can see the following column:

Enter the current meter readings:

The current readings of the metering device fit into the free cells. If you look from left to right on the digital display of a household meter, you will see the first five digits (depending on the model of the meter, there may be 6 and 4), followed by a comma, followed by three digits in the red box. All the first digits before the comma (excluding the zeros in front) are taken into account when taking readings of gas household meters, the numbers after the comma are not counted.

Consider how to make readings for electricity on a single rate meter. In the receipt you can find this form for self-calculation for the current indications:

Meter number

Recorded evidence

Current readings

PU number 98745612

In the column “Current readings” numbers are entered according to the metering device to the comma from left to right. In the column "Readings taken into account" the data from the previous month have already been entered. We subtract from the current recorded readings and obtain the consumption, which we multiply by the tariff. Thus, we calculate the total amount.

After receiving a receipt by e-mail, it is most convenient to transfer the readings and pay the receipt online, without leaving your workplace or directly from your smartphone, while on the road. Personal account of the housing and communal services site

What does this or that graph in billing mean?
How to distinguish a fake?