Signs associated with gifts. What can you give, and what not?

  1. Sharp objects
  2. Cash gifts
  3. Dishes
  4. Textile
  5. Animals and Birds
  6. Flowers

It is pleasant not only to receive gifts, but also to give them. But to do it right - the whole art, requiring not only ingenuity, but also knowledge will take, many of which are still alive to this day.

Why it is impossible to give dishes with chips, what is dangerous as a knife presented as a gift, and what does a handkerchief promise to the owner? In this article we will tell not only about the most popular "gift" signs and ways to deceive them, but also about how to choose a favorable gift that will bring good luck to the owner.

Sharp objects

Knives   , scissors, needles, pins,   brooches   and other piercing-cutting objects avoid giving in many countries, and superstition itself comes from the East Knives , scissors, needles, pins, brooches and other piercing-cutting objects avoid giving in many countries, and superstition itself comes from the East. This prejudice was so strong that today from superstitious people can hear about 6-7 different interpretations of it. Someone thinks that giving a knife is unfortunately for someone, sharp objects in general have negative energy, and someone is afraid of bringing such trouble to themselves. Superstition has the greatest power in Latin America: there the donated knife symbolizes the desire to completely break off relations with a person.

In Russia, the same applies to cold steel, and Japanese katanas or inlaid daggers are becoming an increasingly popular gift. So, if you are going to donate a knife or any other sharp object to a superstitious person, a universal trick will come to the rescue: in order to ward off misfortune and negativity, it is enough for the addressee to give the donor in return for a coin.

Cash gifts

Cash gifts

We all know well the sign: donate a blank purse - click the lack of money. “Cancel” the effect will help all the same coin or bill of any value, invested in a new purse. It is interesting that the more money is put inside, the richer will be bestowed. Fortunately, it is not necessary to part with a large amount: it is not the monetary equivalent that is important, but the volume, so you can fill the wallet, for example, with penny coins. By the way money boxes This sign also applies.

If money is a gift, it is recommended not to hand it over from hand to hand, but to give it in an envelope: this will not only save the addressee of the gift from ruin, but also be dictated by elementary rules of etiquette. It is also customary to donate money in the afternoon, not in the evening, since, having handed it in at sunset, the donor dooms itself to poverty.


As in principle, any containers should not be given empty and must be filled with something. It can be a coin or a symbolic treat: cookies, cakes or a couple of sweets. Kitchen knives and forks, as already mentioned in the first paragraph, are also often referred to as unwanted gifts.

Choosing dishes as a gift, you need to carefully check if there are any chips on it: it is believed that a plate or cup, even with a small crack, promises the owner misfortune, discord in the family and the whole “broken life.


The handkerchief and towel belong to the most undesirable textile gifts The handkerchief and towel belong to the most "undesirable" textile gifts. The superstitions associated with the first are primarily characteristic of Orthodox countries, where the donated handkerchief symbolizes a quick separation from a loved one and other people's tears. The towel (and with it the napkin, scarf and gloves) also promises separation and sometimes - a quarrel with loved ones. You can remove the negative by donating more than one item, but a pair.

But tablecloth or carpet has long been considered an excellent gift because it brings prosperity, good luck, and prosperity to the owner’s house and guarantees a good and long-lasting relationship with the giver. Also, according to popular belief, if you donate a tablecloth or carpet to a person, you are guaranteed to visit him often.

Animals and Birds

Animal symbolism has a different meaning: turtle traditionally associated with wealth, wisdom and career growth, the dolphin fills the house with positive energy, the frog attracts money. But aggressive symbolism (sharks, wolves, bulls, etc.) is not for everyone.

Be careful with the images or figures of birds. Owl It symbolizes wisdom and is well suited as a gift to a leader, but magpies, crows, all kinds of marsh birds and even a symbol of peace - pigeons - can cause anxiety and attract trouble.



The language of flowers can be compared with science: it is carefully studied, documented, and professional florists can tell the whole story with the help of a flower arrangement. If you are going to give someone flowers, follow these rules:

Now you know which gifts are considered favorable and which are not. Remember that superstitions are only part of the history and folklore, and you can give any gifts to relatives and friends. The main thing is to do it with the soul! 🙂

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