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Опубликовано: 27.05.2017

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Best New Portable Vaporizers for 2017

If your budget is $50 to $100 for a vaporizer, you actually have more options than you probably think. Check out our “Best Portable Vaporizers” page to see a list of quality, portable vaporizers that are right inside your price range.

If your budget is $50 to $100 and you enjoy vaping dry herbs, waxes, or e-liquids, then you have even more options. Be sure to check out our “http://olegey.com.ua/pandoras-box/140-206-filmov-uchebnyj-plan-stivena-spilberga Pens” page to find even more options within your price range. Some of these vaporizer pens do work with dry herb, but if you prefer vaporizing dry herb than we recommend looking at the “Best Portable Vaporizers” page, you’ll be more likely to find something better on that list.

$100 to $200 is a bit of a conundrum because many of the high-end portable vaporizers are in the $200-$250 range. So if you raise your budget just a bit it could really be worth the extra money. However, if you’re stuck at under $200, than we’d recommend looking at the “Best Portable Vaporizers” page, particularly at the best 3-in-1 vaporizer V2Pro Series 7 Vaporizer ($129) or MigVapor Matrix Vaporizer ($139. 95).

If you want to push up to the top of your budget, there are some other good options. The DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer ($199. 99) is another good portable dry herb vape $200 (although we’d still recommend you go with V2Pro Series 7). You could also even go for a desktop vape, such as the Arizer Extreme Q ($199. 99).

Because things have changed so much, we really have to look at what type of product you’ll be putting in your vaporizer most of the time.

If you prefer wax concentrate to dry herb, than you have it pretty easy. You can get a quality wax vaporizer for much cheaper than you can find a quality dry herb vaporizer. We would recommend any of our “Top Wax Vaporizer Pens“. They are cheaper than the portable or desktop vaporizers, as well as smaller and more discreet. Our top recommendation out of that list is, of course, the vape pen ranked in the #1 spot: the V2Pro Series 7 vaporizer. It’s only $129, has tons of rave reviews, loyal customers, and with its wax chamber, the Series 7 handles wax amazingly.

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